2018 Solo Build It (SBI) Review – An Aid For Affiliate Marketers

Let’s Look at the 2018 Solo Build It (SBI) Review

What Is SBI?


Solo Build It formerly known as (SBI) is a platform designed to help you build your own Website. I learned about it in 2008. I was trying to find a way to build a Website without having strong technical skills. Back then I did not feel that I had the technical skills needed to build an effective site. I’m not sure I even have all the skills needed even today. That’s why it is great to have the platforms that we have today to make the process painless.

All I knew it had to be easy and something that I could get up and running quickly, but still be recognized by the search engines. You know Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What I learned is that the search engines weren’t looking for the fact that your site was trying to make them feel that you deserved a high ranking because you were submitting a lot of post.

On the quandary what they were looking for was high quality content and were you solving your visitor’s problems and was actively engaging with your visitors. Because, is what the Search Engines want to give to their searchers.

So How Does This Work In Today’s Market?Does this work in 2017

Let’s take a look at this aspect. What we must ask ourselves is SBI (Solo Build It) still the best platform for building quality Web Sites in 2018? I have to say yes it is still a good platform. Although I can not say I feel it is the best platform for 2018, especially for those in the field of Affiliate Marketing.

I say this because ever since the onset of WordPress almost everything has changed. You see WordPress is a content based platform. WordPress has so many advantages. They have many themes that you can make your site to be what ever you desire. Free plugins, actually thousands of them. It is Search Engine friendly. Yes that’s right Search Engines like it. And it is free. Don’t let that free thing scare you. They continually keep it updated.

Although the WordPress files are free, you do need a domain and hosting. That is not something that you need to worry yourself about though. There are platforms that include this as part of their program which makes it a breeze to build a genuine online presence. I will discuss this in detail a little later.

Let’s Talk About Some Of The DisadvantagesDoes this work

One of the disadvantages of SBI over WordPress is that SBI does not have the thousands of resources and designers that WordPress has. Because of this as your site grows you will always have the support that you need. Now I am not saying that SBI doesn’t have a great community and support system. Because they do, it is just not the best in my opinion. Although, may be a good way to get started with Internet Marketing.

I guess what I am saying, or actually asking is. Why choose SBI (Solo Build It) when there is a much better platform out there.

Don’t Take What I Am Saying Wrong!

I fully want you to understand something. I am not saying SBI (Solo Build It) is a bad platform or that it is a scam. That is the farthest from the truth that you can get. I can truly say that. I can tell you SBI (Solo Build It) is a platform that you might want to give a try. If you would like to check it out, you can do so By  Clicking Here Now

What I am saying in my honest opinion, is that I just don’t feel it is the best.

What I Do Recommend?

Of all the WordPress platforms, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to see why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate you should take a look at my 2018 Wealthy Affiliate review / designed for Affiliate Marketers Success.

You can see it by Clicking Here Now: Clicking Here Now

In Conclusion

My final noteI have been a strong promoter and supporter of SBI (Solo Build It) for quite some time and it may still be a good platform for some. Although at the present time I do not feel it is the best platform for some one in Affiliate Marketing.

In what ever platform you decide to use, I whole heartedly wish you great success and the best of everything.


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