Generate Passive Income Online/Blogging for Affiliate Marketing

What Does Blogging Have to do With Affiliate Marketing?

Blogging & Affiliate MarketingHave you been wondering whether there is more to your work life than your 9 to 5 job? And would you like to stop having your alarm clock rule your life? If so please continue reading this article. I think that you will find it interesting, at the most. In my article Generate Passive Income Online/ Blogging for Affiliate Marketing we are going to discuss just that.

And, I hope to your satisfaction. If you are not new to Blogging and Affiliate Marketing I don’t want to bore you with a brief description of it, so I am asking you to please bear with me briefly, or scroll on down to “Can You Make A full Time Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing?”

For all of you Newbies, here is a brief description. A Affiliate Marketer is where a person who may be a Blogger, Promoter, or an Affiliate that introduces a product, service, ebook, or program that was developed by someone else. In other words they own it.

When you promote it, for instance through Blogging, and it is purchased by some one you get paid a commission on each and every sale. The neat thing is, you made money with out having to create it, or invest any of your own money on inventory.

Can You Make A full Time Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you absolutely can! Affiliate Marketing is a billion Can You Make Moneydollar enterprise, actually it is a multi million dollar enterprise. And in the United States alone it produces almost eight billion dollars in revenue. And it continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Just think for a moment what that could mean for you! Even though Affiliate Marketing has been around for some time now, there are still many people that don’t under stand what it is all about.

So What Can Be Done About That?

What I would like to do is to introduce you to a book that I discovered that I feel will put you on the right path.

It is called, “Affiliate Marketing” / Use Blogging and Affiliate Marketing to Generate Passive Income Online and turn your hobby into a full time business. By George Pain.

What Will You Discover In His Book?

Blogging for Affiliate Marketing

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Benefits of Affiliate Marketing.
  • How to Get Started.
  • Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms.
  • How to Find Products to Market.
  • How to Use Blogging.
  • How to Use Email Marketing.
  • You will learn Other Ways To Market Your Product.
  • You Will Learn How to  Automate Your Affiliate Marketing For Greater Income.

So if you are looking how to have another income, and are not able to get another part time job (just over broke) then I feel that you should give Affiliate Marketing a shot, seriously!

Let this ebook help you to understand exactly how Passive Income works. I want you to remember the words Passive Income. Why? Because if you learn to do it correctly you will be earning money 24/7. It doesn’t matter whether you are still working at a full time job, or if you are out hiking or maybe at the movies. It doesn’t even matter if you are sleeping, because it will be working for you twenty four seven.

It Doesn’t Just Happen Though!

Takes Hard WorkYou will have to understand that a real business just doesn’t happen over night as the scammers try to get you to believe. It takes time. It takes a learning curve. There are many things that you must acquire through training, studying, and most of all staying focused and applying what you have learned through each level of your training. I guarantee you though that once you get it down you will start to see success. And the more you keep working at it and fine tuning your skills that you have learned you will start seeing success after success.

Your Success Is In Your Blog!

As I said at the beginning the most important thing is to have a Blog. Not just any Blog. It needs to be a Blog with great content that your audience can relate to, and learn from. A Blog that will allow you to build trust with your followers.

It will take a little time to gain a really good following that you will need to start earning the kind of money that you want as an Affiliate Marketer.

Final WordsFinal Words

Even though I didn’t write this article as a official review here are some of the things that I liked and disliked about the book:


  • It gives good information for Newbie’s.
  • It is well written in a clear manor.
  • The book covers a lot of information.
  • It is an easy book to follow.
  • It covered just what the basics are of Affiliate Marketing.
  • It has a lot of information for experienced Bloggers also.
  • The book goes into how to automate your income to make an income 24/7.


  • I live in the United States and speak and read American English. This did give me a little tilt on some of the phraseology though. I have read other books by George Pain and this just seems to be his writing style.
  • I felt that it would have been a little more helpful if he would of given a few more recourses for some of his suggestions though.

I do feel that his book is definitely worth reading. It is well written in an organized manner. It covers the basics of what Affiliate Marketing is, and is a great resource for Bloggers, and for anyone wishing to make a little or a lot of money online.

PS. Go to site and click on the listen link below the pic before you make your final decision.

Thank you for reading my article. You are greatly appreciated.

Blogging for Affiliate Marketing

Product: “Affiliate Marketing”  / Use Blogging and Affiliate Marketing to Generate Passive Income Online and turn your hobby into a full time business. By George Pain.

Price: $19.99

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