Examples Of Procrastination / So Why Do We Procrastinate?

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In this article of Examples Of Procrastination / So Why Do We Procrastinate, we will delve deeply into the science of why we procrastinate, and how we can overcome it.

There are so many things, and ways that cause us to be unsuccessful in our career as well as our life. But the one thing that seems the most preeminent is procrastination. Thus procrastinators are sabotaging themselves by putting obstacles in their path that hinders their performance, as well as success in life..

I would venture to say that all of us have had the experience of wanting to start a project, or maybe completing one we have started, but keep putting it off over and over again under the pretense we will do it at a later date.

Sometimes we put it off because we feel that the project isn’t that important to us. There are times that the project is important to us, but due to procrastination we put it off anyway.

So Why Do Wee Procrastinate? Why Do We Procrastinate

Is it in our human nature to be this way? Or is it in the way we are approaching the task that needs to be done? These are the questions that I wanted to find the answers for through my research. Here are some of the facts that I found.

  • Over twenty five percent of our population consider themselves to be chronic procrastinators. It is a way of life for them. They procrastinate on everything that needs to be done. They put everything off until a later date, or wait until the last minute to do it.
  • Individuals are not born as procrastinators, they are made. It often starts when we are children. Often over bearing and controlling parents keeps the children from developing the ability to internalize their own intentions, and learning to act on them.
  • Procrastination may appear in the form of rebellion toward their controlling, and overbearing parents, or those in authority.
  • Procrastinators tend to consume more alcohol, and are prone to substance abuse.
  • Procrastinators will lie to themselves by telling themselves that they can always do the task another day. Well guess what? That day never comes!
  • Procrastinators will seek out distractions, especially those that do not take much of a commitment from themResearch

Through research I discovered that there are different reasons why people procrastinate. The three basic types are:

  • The procrastinator that can not make a decision: By not making a decision dismisses them of the responsibility for the end results of their project.
  • The procrastinator that is seeking a thrill, or a high; They will wait to the very last minute to get the adrenalin rush.
  • The procrastinator that avoids new challenges; It may be due to a fear of success, or even a fear of failure. It really doesn’t matter witch of the two it is, because their concern is what others will think of them. ( I wrote an article on “The Fear Of Failure” a while back, you can read it here).

Where Do We Start? What Do We Do? Take Action

You start by making simple choices. You must choose whether you’re going to work on a chosen task immediately, or working on something that you feel is much more fun to do. And there is the last but not necessary the least choice. To do nothing at all…

The choice that we make depends on what value we put on accomplishing the task at hand. This is what psychologist call its subjective value. So in psychological terms this is what we experience when the value of doing something else outweighs the value of working on the task at hand now, instead of later.

Try this simple trick to overcome procrastination. Seek out a way to increase the subjective value on working on your task now compared to the value of other things. You can decrease the value of the distraction, or on the other hand increase the value of the now project. You might even try a combination of the two.

Studies on procrastination show that people tend to procrastinate much more on unpleasant tasks. These studies suggest that reducing the pain of working on a task by breaking it down into more manageable, and familiar sections, would be a more effective way to reduce procrastination.

Your Identity Is Reflected In The Work IdentityThat You Produce

When we refer to procrastination as a side effect of the way that we value things it encompasses project or task completion as a product of ones motivation, rather than their ability.

You see you can be really proficient at something, such as quilting or building models, but if you do not have the sense of importance or motivation to start and finish the task, you will probably put it off.

OK, so how do we increase the value of our project, or task. One powerful way that has come up in my research is to connect the task, or project to your self concept. The hypothesis is that tasks, or projects that are important to ones self concept definitely holds more subjective value for that person.

So it seems that procrastination is an offshoot from a failure to sufficiently identify with who we really want to be. Most of us are motivated to have goals that tie us closely to our sense of identity, or in other words, ones self. Because of this these goals become more valuable to us.

Final Notes Final Notes

Just move forward one small step at a time by starting and completing one small task, or project at a time. Get comfortable with what you have achieved thus far. Then move just a little more forward by setting a goal just a little more challenging. When you do this you will not get over whelmed. This is where you will begin to see that you are no longer experiencing the obstacle of Procrastination, And what a great feeling that is!

I thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this post, and that it has helped you in understanding the importance of Examples Of Procrastination / So Why Do We Procrastinate. If you felt that it had value, I ask that you share it with others that you feel will benefit from it. I am sure they would appreciate it very much.

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