EzWebBusinessBuilder2 WP Edition / Is It For You?


EzWebBusinessBuilder2 WP Edition / Is It For You?

I guess that we should start off by asking, have you recently tried to get any real help from a so called Internet Marketing guru? You know a personal reply from the so called guru. Well in most every case your response will come from someone at a help desk who is an underpaid individual sending you a pre written canned response. Pretty aggravating, isn’t it? In almost all cases the guru will disappear soon after the sale.

Jim and FamilyThat’s why I want to recommend Jim Daniels EzWebBusinessBuilder2 WP Edition to you. Jim is not a guru, he is a guy that has been making his living 100% online since 1996. That is a long time to be successful. Right? I have known Jim for a little over nine years and have used several of his products, and have never been disappointed with any of them. In my book that is pretty outstanding.

What Is ezWebBusinessBuilder2 WP Edition All About?

Let’s start out with a little background. In 2005 Jim released a software platform called ezWebBusiness Builder. That platform was a step by step program how to build a web business from the ground up. He sold thousands of it over the years, and It helped numerous individuals earn money online.

Many of those techniques still work in the market today, but the web has changed in so many ways over time. It’s because of this Jim was compelled to create a tell it all course to bring us up to date. That is why he created ezWebBusinessBuilder2, WP Edition to show you the strategies that work on today’s internet, as well as into the foreseeable future.

Jims' DocumentationHe titled the program “ezWebBusiness Builder 2 WP Edition for two reasons. Most everyone assumes the WP stands for WordPress, because WordPress is the webs number one site building, content management platform. As a matter of fact it is the one that I use and recommend. It is also the one that will be used for the site building part of his course.

But the WP in his title also stands for Web Properties. Web Properties are content, income producing virtual real estate. In this course Jim will show you how to create, and monetize your site. While, his original ezWebBusiness Builder program was software based. This new course is a combination of written text, and training videos. The essence of the course is definitely the PDF document.

Most individuals prefer PDF’s over video training alone, because you can save PDF’s to your computer, read it and reread it Smart Phone & Tabletas many times you feel is necessary. This allows you to search through it any time you want and easily find the information you are looking for.

And that’s not all. You can download it to your tablet, or smart phone, and make what ever notations you want. Oh, one other thing, he updates it every month so that it is always current and up to date. The newest version will always be available in the members’ area. Also, the videos will show you many how to task pertaining to WordPress. You can access them also  in the members’ area. You can read them from your tablet, computer, or even your smart phone.

So What Exactly Will You Get In This Course?

What you will find in this course is the results of his continuous learning, experimenting, and adapting, mostly over the past few years. Because the internet has changed so rapidly especially the shift from computers to tablets, smart phones, as well as the outsourcing avenues have changed the way we do business online. And that’s not all, niches are becoming more, and more saturated, thus causing us to branch out.

The material presented in this course is a result of his continued studying, research, as well as his experimenting, and implementation to create new income producing Web Properties (WP).

QuestionOK, Who Is This Course Suited For?

This course was created especially for those who don’t have any idea how or where to get started online. As well as for those that are inundated with so much conflicting advice, and instructions. Most of these lead to never ending solicitations for Internet Marketing opportunities, or products. With all of this conflicting info online it is why there is so much information overload, which in many cases causes many to get frustrated, and give up. In this course Jim is going to do his best to help you overcome these frustrations. The ezWebBusinessBuilder2 WP Edition course has seven chapters that go into complete detail.

Let’s Take A look At Those Chapters Now:

Each chapter lets you see the whole process even before you get started. You will get a complete explanation of what you will be doing even before you get started.

  • Chapter One: Tells you the exact process he uses for finding niches that are profitable, and the way to enter them, as well as giving you his own personal ideas you can swipe.
  • Chapter Two: Shows you an overview of all that you need to get each of your niches set up, and how you can accomplish it on a very low budget of just a few dollars a month.
  • Chapter Three: Will show you how to monetize your Web Properties as well as what he calls his money machines, the top ten methods that he uses to monetize his Web Properties.
  • Chapter Four: He shows you ways to get traffic to your Web Properties without spending any money.
  • Chapter Five: Jim explains the ways you can build a complete collection 0f profitable web ezWebBusinessBuilder2 properties without doing it all yourself.
  • Chapter Six: He gives you his step by step action plan. It includes every task you will need to complete, plus subcontractors that will do each task for you if that‘s what you so desire. These are the same individuals that work on his Web Properties. This chapter also brings you to how to videos.
  • Chapter Seven: In this chapter you will discover the mental side of your web business that no one wants to talk about. The things that are in you as you progress is as important as all the business building task. Chapter Seven is extremely important. By all means don’t skip over this chapter. Really!

Let’s Look At An Overview Of The ProcessAn Overview

  • Identify Your Niche: After you Identify your niche you need to find your way in. This is where most individuals get stuck. But don’t worry, Jim will help you with this. This is something that you can outsource if you wish.
  • Set Up A Content Based Web Property: Do this using WordPress. WordPress is easy to use and it is free. You need to realize that this is a complete website and content management system, and that’s exactly how you will be using it. You are a Web Property Developer who cares, and this platform makes it very easy.
  • Add Content Regularly: This is a very crucial area because it will attract your traffic and serve as your very first product for giveaway and for sale. Don’t let this worry you. You need not write the content yourself if you are not up to it. Jim will show you how!
  • Set Up Your Monetizing Strategy: You can monetize your Web Properties in many ways. It will all be explained in this course. Monetizing is now much easier than it has ever been with the help of the new WordPress Themes and plugins. You’ll even be showed how it is done.
  • Start A Traffic Flow Via Search Engines: Then rev up your traffic, as well as your income via other reliable, strategies that you will be shown.

That just about sums up the process. I know it sounds like a lot of work. But let me assure you, it isn’t. You can even do it part time, if you will commit to making the effort to succeed. You see this plan works so well because it’s focused entirely on one thing, and that is High Quality Informative Content. The number one reason people go online, is to get information, and that is your doorway to creating web income streams. And I think it’s going to be that way for a very long time.

Opportunity For YouIn Closing

Researching a niche is not an exact science, but try to select a niche that has a solid profit potential that you can monetize. There are so many sub niches which allows you to get in with or without search engines. If you can I recommend an evergreen niche. You know, one that will always be around!

It’s possible to build a profitable online business on a low budget. All you’ll need is your domain name, web hosting, an auto responder, and high quality content. High quality content is your foundation for a successful, long-lasting online business. Don’t listen to those so called gurus that tell you article marketing is dead. High quality content will always be the backbone of your business. The main thing to remember is to be very selective about where you share that content.

Take the time to find a WordPress site that has themes and plugins that fit your niche and your plan on how you want to monetize it. You have many ways to monetize your Web Property, but you need to have a plan for how to monetize your site even before you start building it. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different combinations and strategies.

Remember search engines are a great way to start your flow of traffic to your site for free. You should not make this your main focus in the long run though.

Every one of the email addresses you collect at your web property is a potential customer and may worth hundreds, or even thousands of dollars over time. That adage “The money is in the list” is so true. This is true not only for your list, but also with other list owners as well. That is the secrete that most gurus don’t tell you. This is something you need to understand and apply on a consistent basis, and don’t worry. Jim will walk you through it!

There are other traffic strategies you can and should use in addition to search engines and email list to build your web properties. Don’t be afraid to try different strategies and test them.

There’s no doubt that great high quality content is a must, although you don’t have to write all of your content yourself. Fiverr or Textbroker can help you with professional researched written content at reasonable rates. If you need something done that you can’t fit in to your time frame you can take advantage of these at a reasonable price. At Fiverr it usually starts out at five dollars a pop.

It is extremely important to be very selective when outsourcing things like link building. You will find that there are many gigs at Fiverr that are a waste of time and will only get you spammy links that can actually hurt your ranking instead of helping it.

Putting together successful web properties is a step by step process that anyone can accomplish. Always remember you can hire out any time you run in to a snag or find that you just don’t have enough time to do all that is necessary.

After you have one successful web property it is easy to work off that success to create other web properties in similar niches and sub niches.

As an entrepreneur you will have doubts, cast them to the side and concentrate on building your business. You will have failures. That’s ok, learn from them and move on. But by all means don’t be tempted by the many other business opportunities that promise you instant success. There are no such opportunities.

You are the one that controls your future. It is you that has the power to control and shape your lifestyle. Hold on to this power and do what ever is necessary each and every day.

Wow! I realize my final notes were a little lengthily, but I just had to make sure that if you skipped through my article rather then reading all of it that you didn’t walk away with only part of what you need to build successful web properties.

I do appreciate that you did take time out of your busy schedule to read about EzWebBusinessBuilder2 WP Edition / Is It For You? And if it is something that you feel is for you or, would like to check out just click this link Now: http://a1resource.bizweb2000.hop.clickbank.net

At the very least, watch his short video: HTTP://a1resource.bizweb2000.hop.clickbank.net


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