How Frequently Should You Publish Content Marketing – Does It Really Matter?

Frequency of Time

First of all to answer the question of, How Frequently Should You Publish Content Marketing / Does It Really Matter?

The answer is absolutely yes, it does matter! There is no doubt about it.

You must publish high quality content, but it is important to understand just how frequently you should publish it. The frequently you publish will have a tremendous bearing on your incoming lead metrics. It is definitely in your best interest to set up a content marketing schedule that works best for your audience and yourself.

Large companies with their big content marketing budgets are able to track their metrics and experiment with their publishing frequency. On the other hand if you are a small company just starting out on your content marketing path you will not have this luxury. Your publishing frequency will depend on what platform you are publishing to.

Here are some very useful tips for you to follow that will help you out.

Publishing Frequency for Blog PostsBlog Post

A tremendous amount of research has been undertaken pertaining to blogs and the publishing frequency of new post. This research has revealed that most successful bloggers publish from one to seven new blog post per week.

It is recommended that you do not publish less than one new post each and every week. It is far better for you to do this rather than publish four new post in a single week, and then post nothing for the next three weeks for instance. The research findings showed that the more post that you publish, will result in you receiving more leads.

Taking this into consideration there are a number of factors that you will need to consider with your blog posting frequency. It will not be long before you establish how much content is best for your audience. To meet the demand for the number of post that you will need to publish, you will need to have the time and talent to meet your needs. If you do not have the talent and time you need to meet this demand you will have to outsource it. If you must go this route you will need a budget that can support it.

I want to caution you though. It is a must that you always go for quality over quantity. It is so much better that you publish a high quality in depth, and informative blog post once a week rather than six or seven that are mediocre.

Email Marketing In Your Content Strategy

Sending email

As part of your content strategy you will need to use email marketing. You will want to capture leads and turn them into subscribers. It is a must that you keep active when using email marketing. By all means don’t let even a week go by without sending an email to your list, or your responsiveness will dwindle. This is when it is a good idea to use a reliable auto responder to handle this task, and put it on auto pilot to save you a lot of time. One that I use and recommend is Aweber.   Click Here Now to see what it is all about or give it a try.

You have to understand that the effectiveness of email marketing varies from industry to industry. It depends on how your subscriber will make their purchase as well as the time that it will take needs to be taken into consideration. If the buying process is unusually long and may take months, two to three emails a week is too many, and could have a negative effect rather than a positive one. And that is something you definitely do not want. Right?

If you just don’t know where to start with the frequency of your emails I recommend that you just send them one every three to four days. That is pretty much the norm.

What about Offers On Your Landing Pages?

Research on this area proved one thing very clear. The more offers that you have on your landing pages result in more leads that you will receive. There is not much of a chance of you publishing too many offers. Just remember to sync this with the emails that you are sending out to your list.

In most cases if you have a lot of offers on your website it is not likely to upset any of your customers, or any potential customers. Actually there aren’t any recommended limits I know of for publishing offers.

I suggest that you publish as many offers that you wish, just make sure that they add value. One thing to remember, is that you can repurpose any existing content to appeal to the different customers in your audience. This surely is a cost effective method of leading visitors to your offers.

Social MediaWhat About Posting On Social Media?

This is the hardest area to predict your publishing frequency because there are so many things to take into consideration including the social platform, your target audience, and the industry that you are in. As an example, in a study by HubPost, it was found by posting more often benefited the real estate industry while the manufacturing industry benefited from less regular post.

You want to create engagement with social media, and that means you have to give the platform consideration. For example, with Face Book posting twice a day every day can build a good engagement. But on Twitter you may need to send four tweets every hour to receive the same results.

Tip: Remember and be aware that the life cycle of a post is going to be different for each platform. A post on Google + or Facebook is going to have a much longer lifespan than a tweet on Twitter. Thus you will need to develop a different posting schedule for each social platform.

I thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this post, and that it has helped you in understanding the importance of How Frequently Should You Publish Content Marketing – Does It Really Matter?.

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