How To Create Winning Infographics / They Do Work!

Winning Infographics

If for some reason you have not used Infographics in your Content Marketing, you may be asking yourself, why start now? There is an easy answer to that question. They work! And that is because they are very visually appealing, and our brains transmit at least ninety percent (90%) of the information to us visually. That’s why they are so effective!

It is so much faster and easier for us to process visual information compared to the written text. In reality it is almost 60,000 times faster. How’s that for cool? It’s a scientific fact that when we see mostly only written text on a blog post, article or web page, we only process on the average about twenty eight percent (28%) of it. That’s right, only about 28%!

What Infographics do for us is they take textual information that at times can be mundane and turn it into easy to read graphics that you find easy to read and digest. That is because Infographics are visually appealing which cause you to remember what you are reading and seeing.

PlanningPlanning Your Infographics

I feel the best way for you to prepare your Infographics is to create your post or article as if you’re writing a story. You will have your introduction, and then a logical explanation step by step about the message you are trying to get across to you audience. In the end you will have established a memorable conclusion!

Your Infographics must always flow well. If you look at your Infographic and don’t know where to start, then the planning and design are the fault. It’s your job when designing Infographics to help your readers eyes navigate logically around the graphic. This is where the use of good leading lines will be very helpful.

Being Organized Is A Must

For you to create a compelling Infographic, you will need to gather your relevant information. You have defined your story, Gathering Informationand now it’s time to decide how your Infographic should look, and how to organize your information.

I suggest you take a look at what other successful Infographic users have done to help you get inspired. OK, I’m not suggesting that you copy their work, but look at how everything is put together and organized. You have unlimited options with the design of your Infographics. Take your time and choose wisely.

  • Try Using A Timeline For Easy Navigation: Many people use timelines in their Infographics, Timelineand there is a very good reason for this. It’s very easy for their readers to follow a timeline. The navigation is easy, and you will have the opportunity of providing a linear narrative that they will appreciate.

You can use timelines to simplify the information you are presenting to your readers, and ensuring that everything is in the correct order.

  • Or, How About Using An Alphabetical Order?: There are a lot of successful Infographics designers that use an alphabetical Alphabetical Orderorder to present their information. Now this is not going to work in every situation. But if your topic is general in nature, it will provide a reasonable amount of good structure to it.

An alphabetically organized Infographic can really be an eye catcher. It creates another logical flow just like a timeline. It also makes it easier for the viewer to know where to start and end. There is no doubt that you could use an alphabetical Infographic to put a new spin on an old topic!

  • Using Statistics And Data Representations: As you do your research on the use of Infographics you will find that a lot of Infographics contain statistics and graphical representations of data. This can be very powerful. Statistics & DataWhen using this approach your aim is to make the data very easy to understand.

These kind of Infographics are very persuasive. You can really get creative here, because there usually is data associated with almost topics. This allows you to get really creative. Be sure to keep it simple though, and make sure that your graphs and charts are easy to read and visually appealing.

  • Comparative Infographics: Comparative InfographicsWhen done correctly, comparative Infographics can be very powerful. It allows you to compare two concepts, ideas, or products quickly and simply. You can also use such an Infographic to demonstrate the correct or wrong way to achieve something. Or you could use it to compare the pros and cons of services or products.

Keep It Simple•  Design Considerations Are Very Important: Keep it as simple as you can by not going overboard with too many different colors and fonts. The contrast that you use is more important than your color pallet. Instead make your contrast high so that your Infographic is clear and easy to read. This is where you want to use symbols instead of words for a more significant impact.

Final Notes

The Headline of your Infographic is most critical. It should be big and bold. You should think of it as copywriting. This is where you must grab your readers attention if you want them to look at your Infographic and want to continue absorbing what you have to say to them.

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