Quality ArticlesTo Sell More / It Does Work?

Writing Quality ContentUse Quality Articles To Sell More/Does it work? In a word yes, Absolutely! People are a lot more protective about their direct marketing now more than ever. They will tend to just filter out those ads, and reject cold callers. It just doesn’t work as well as it did in the past. The use of high Quality Articles in Increased Salescontent marketing is the new marketing strategy that will effectively drive up your sales.

I am not saying that at certain times you don’t need sales people to close your orders. You see if your product or service requires a salesperson to be face to face with your prospective client to close them, you still will need them to do that. As an example, it is hard to sell a solar energy package online.

Although on the other hand you can use really great high Quality Articles in your content marketing to drive your leads for your salespeople to follow up on. Take a moment to imagine how it would be for you to be in the position where your website and all your outbound Quality Articles in your content marketing is giving you an abundance of quality leads… This is an absolute possibility!

The Use Of Quality Articles Can Be Your Salespeople’s AssistantSalespersons Assistant

Your effective salespeople have all the knowledge they need to know about your products and services. They know and understand all the benefits of them as well, and are able to address any and all questions that your prospective clients may have. You see their job is to convince your prospective client that your product or services will be of benefit to them, and serve their needs. Thus closing the sale.

This will happen because you have used Quality Articles in your content marketing to pre sell your customers so that all your salespeople have to do is visit them, and convince them to sign on the bottom line. Just think about all the time that your salespeople have saved allowing them to make more appointments allowing them to close many more sales. It’s a win-win proposition for your company as well as your salespeople.

Your sales people can only work a certain number of hours, whereas your Quality Articles are working for you three hundred sixty-five days 24/7. There may be leads in your sales funnel long after the eight to five working day, or on the week ends, as well as on holidays. All that your salespeople have to do is to take these leads and confirm what your customer already knows due to your Quality Articles.

Why Quality Articles Will Help You Increase Your SalesIncrease Sales

One of the best things about Quality Articles is their ability to create awareness. When someone is looking for a solution to their problem online, they are most likely to type a question in to a search engine. This is especially the case most of the time with mobile users. It now becomes your job to answer their question fully through your high Quality Article.

Let’s take a moment and think about the types of questions a potential customer might ask:

  • They might want to know how do I order.
  • What is the price of a certain product or service?
  • How does a certain product or service compare to another one similar?
  • They may want to know what the warranty terms are.
  • How soon do you ship after they place their order?
  • What is your exchange or return policy?

When a searcher is presented with organic ads or content it is most likely that over seventy-five percent will find the answer they need within the organic content without too much hassle or pressure. This is of utmost importance to a great many searchers.

It is this interactivity that is a big part of Quality Articles in your content Marketing. Focus on the comments that people leave, and by all means respond to them as soon as possible. A good guideline is within 24 hours. By doing this you build trust with your readers and potential customers. And that’s not all; the search engines really appreciate it as well. And we all know what that means…

This is how you build relationships through the use of Quality Articles. Your readers and customers will look forward to receiving your Articles because they are of use to them, and of high quality. Through all of this you are also establishing and reinforcing your brand, thus creating more sales


Good Quality Articles will help you keep the customers that you already have, as well as to gain new ones. You can also use your Quality Articles to create your customer experience. Your customer will have your business and your products and services in their minds each time they see a piece of content from you.

Loyal customers become repeat customers. So keep those Quality Articles coming so that you are uppermost in their minds. Your existing customers will appreciate the quality content, and they will see that you care about them even after their purchase.

So you see you are not replacing salespeople, you are just providing them with more leads and reducing the time amount of time it should take to close the deal.

Tip: Make sure your salespeople are aware of that so that they will appreciate what Quality Articles are doing for them and your business.

And by all means I want you to realize this works just as well if you Sales Personare the only salesperson in your business.

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