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Have you been watching what’s been happening on the Internet Marketing scene. If you have you’ve probably seen ads for DesktopLightning. There are a lot of promoters out there saying a lot of good things about it. But are they true, or is it a scam? To help answer that question I decided to write this review with honest answers about what I believe to be its strengths, as well as its weaknesses. In doing so I hope to set it straight and clear things up.

Overall Ranking: 4.5 Stars

Continue reading my review to find out why I didn’t give it a 5 Star Ranking.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of DesktopLightning

DesktopLightning is a unique new viral marketing tool that is able to broadcast messages directly to peoples desktops. It’s easy to use, and works well for those who have things they want to sell and promote with a better way to do it.

Is It For Real?Is DesktopLightning What They Claim It To Be?

Even though everyone was saying that DesktopLightning was going to be more powerful than email Marketing, I wasn’t sure what to think about it. This seemed like a very big claim.

Well I decided to check it out and see for myself. I like to try new things. It also gives me the opportunity to find sites that I depend on and trust. The sign up procedure took about a minute just as they stated. The software platform took about thirty seconds to download and install. It wasn’t a cumbersome process at all.

After I installed the software, it ran immediately. At this time it gave me a tool allowing me to invite my friends. I usually don’t promote things to my friends, but in this case I decided to do it anyway. I had to see if what they stated would really happen. And sure enough it did.

As soon as that was done I received access to my inbox containing a tool to send Broadcast, a page showing Statistics, and a page on how to Build Your Network. That’s one of my favorite things, How to Build Your Network.

DesktopLightning Claims Viral GrowthViral Growth

I feel this is where DesktopLightning really shows it stuff. The purpose of a viral marketing platform is you should be able to invite only a few people, and then it will kick off and start growing on its own. A lot of platforms claim to do this, but very few actually work as they say they will.

I don’t know for sure if its DesktopLightning unique concept or their stellar implementation. All I can say is the site is viral for sure.

TestimonialsSome Testimonials That I Got Off DesktopLightning Site

“This website is so viral, I received over 100 sign ups and my network is already 5 levels deep in less than 48 hours”.

Rene Keiser

“I invited a handful of people only a few days ago and I already have 48 members on 5 levels below me. I am going to keep promoting this, but I see it has a life of its own now. I couldn’t stop my network from expanding if I wanted to”.

David Parton

“I haven’t ever seen a system build a downline so fast. I joined your program just to try something new. Four days later I had a downline of 43 people. This is unbelievable”.

Harry Joseph

These testimonials do speak very well. Although they can’t guarantee these exact results for everyone, it does show that most people who get just a few people initially are experiencing similar results. I do give DesktopLightning a high grade for being able to get these kinds of results.

Desktop BroadcastInstead Of Email Get Direct To Desktop Broadcasts

Ok, now that you have people in your network through direct invitations, and viral growth it gets very neat. It is now time for you to broadcast any messages you wish directly to their desktops. This is not like sending an email and not knowing if it was even received because it went to their spam folder, or that their mail box was full.

DesktopLightning software works by allowing direct to desktop communications to be received by everyone in your network. , in your network will have the application installed just like you have. This is what allows the instant, and smooth communication to take place. With in one hour after you send your message, everyone in your network that is online will receive a notification on their laptop, desktop, or tablet that they can click to read your message. Also, anyone that isn’t online will get it the next time they log on.

I know you can see why communicating in this manner can be more successful than email at this time. The point here is that there’s not any way your message can be lost, blocked, or overlooked due to filters.

DesktopLightning has a Platinum upgrade that allows you to do other things like embed video, as well as sound into your broadcast. I am not going to go into those features at this time. Those will be discussed in another review at a later date.

What About Help Building Your Network?Helping Each Other

Most platforms out there don’t really give you help building a network below you. They just hand you an URL and say go for it. This may work for an advanced person, but it doesn’t help a Newbie at all. DesktopLightning went the extra mile in this area to make sure everyone had a way to bring people into their network no matter what their skill level is.

By clicking on the Build Your Network link in their application you’ll be given a surprising number of tools to help you build a downline. And I mean everything, including text ads, popups, banners, invitation tools, as well as sample emails to send out, and more. That’s not all either. They have something I haven’t seen on any other internet marketing site. And that is a Starting From Scratch area set up just for people that do not have a list, website, or traffic.

If you are one of those individuals you’ll simply love this area because they specifically spell out the strategies to used to promote DesktopLightning, or anything that you desire to promote. That’s quite a valuable tool!

ConsThere Are Some Cons And Draw Backs Though!

The major Con to DesktopLightning is that it is not for everyone. And why is that? DesktopLightning basically is a promotional tool. For it to be effective you must have something to sell, promote, or advertise to make good use of the site. This is because the basic aspect is that you want to build a viral network of people to broadcast something to. This can be anything you want to send to a lot of people.

If you are not ready with something to promote, don’t worry! You can start building your network first. Then once you get something you want to promote you’ll be ready to broadcast it instantly. If you already have something to promote, that’s when the site really stands out.

As I said DesktopLightning is not for everyone.

In ClosingFinal Notes

I do recommend DesktopLightning to anyone who has something they want to advertise, or promote. It definitely does work, and your downline will grow extremely fast if you are willing to put some effort, and energy into getting it starred.

The direct to desktop broadcast is definitely the way to go in today’s online atmosphere. I say this because many emails barely get through now days.

The main reason I didn’t give a 5 star ranking is because it doesn’t offer anything to people that don’t have anything to sell, advertise, or promote. On the flipside if you do have something to sell, advertise, or promote to a lot of people in a unique manner, then this is for you.

In my opinion if you have something to promote, and since it’s very easy to set up and try out you should give it a try. You can always delete it if you decide it’s not for you.

If you would like to check it out or give it a try here is a link to do that:


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