Find Keywords for Your Website – the Correct Way

OK, Let’s Get Started with how to Find Keywords for Your Website – the Correct Way

So many website owners tend to do their keyword searches incorrectly. And in most cases it’s not their fault. It is because they have been led to believe all the misinformation that is constantly being put out there. Really!

It is so important for your website to have search engine success that you fully understand how to find proper keywords for your website. But first of all you must know exactly how to go about finding keywords for your website.

But to make this happen you must understand how you go about researching keywords. Or else you will miss your mark completely. Well maybe not completely!

In just the time it takes you to read this article you will have mastered keyword research. Really!

Let’s Try For Simplicity

Let’s try to keep the method of keyword research as simple as we can but still do it in a correct manner. Now this will only work if you will follow my instructions. OK!

 There Are Three Important Things to Effective Keyword Research

That’s correct; there are only three things that matter when doing Keyword research. These are the only three things that you are going to look for when searching for keywords for your website

Low competition, this should be your first priority when doing your keyword research. If, a keyword has too much competition you should not consider it at all. Because, without being able to rank effectively you’ll know that you are not going to get any traffic from it. So without good rankings it is of no use to you. Period!

So what should you do?

1. Look For Low Competition: When you look at competition look at the QSR (Quote Search Results). There is only one program out there I know of that offers this information in an effective manner. And that is a program called jaaxy. I must admit that is the very one I use for my key word research.

QSR lets you know the exact number of competing pages in Google. And that is your real competition. What you are looking for is A QSR of under 100 and up to 400 if you are a very established site of competing pages in Google. The closer to zero you can get is the better.

2. Traffic Is A Must: Don’t look for big bang keywords. Look for the under the wire ones, that’s where you will ranked. It does not make any sense to try to get ranked under the big bang or high competition keywords.

The best thing for you to do is always go for the sure thing. Always! If your search word or words gets 50 or more searches a month, go for it. 50 is the key number!

I know what you’re thinking, But Frank, 50 is such a low number, and it is. But what you need to realize is that these low volume keywords really start adding up as you start ranking.

3. Your Keywords Must Make Sense: Just think for a moment
how hard it is to make sense of your article when you are trying to fit in keywords that don’t make sense. Al of a sudden you begin to sound ridicules. And who is going to listen to you then?

Just think about this.

If you get first page rankings in ten, twenty or thirty of you going to be really rocking. Right?

Always remember that your keywords should always match your title. Always! You must remember that what you are writing must make sense to your audience that is reading it.

OK, You Ready To Give It A Try For Yourself?

Go to the search site below and put in a keyword or phrase from your website and be sure to follow the main principles that I gave you to follow. You will not believe the super success that you are presented with. I know that for sure!

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