The Meaning Of Low Hanging Fruit / AKA Low Conversion Keywords

Low Hanging Fruit

Understanding Low Hanging Keywords Also Known As Low Hanging Fruit

WOW! I have to tell you that explaining, The Meaning Of Low Hanging Fruit / AKA Low Conversion Keywords might take some time to do. So please stay with me on this, because it may get a little lengthily.

Ok, Let Us Ask, What Is Low Hanging Fruit, And Why Is It Important?

Actually a low hanging fruit keyword is a keyword that has very low competition. Try to picture a fruit tree if you will. As you look at the tree you see that the fruit at the bottom is much smaller than at the top, and because of that they get a little less traffic, but also there is less competition for them. On the other hand the fruit at the top of the tree is much larger, and the biggest percent of the people compete for that fruit, the high competition keywords. Now you see why the low hanging fruit keywords are so important.

Let Us Talk About QSR

QSR is the short for (Quoted Search Results). These results in Google are set in motion when you type in a word or phrase, and click on search. Although with Google you will not get a true accurate number of competing pages. That is because Google stopped giving you a actual true result some years back. The result they give you is an inflated result.

If you want to get a true result there are other sources to go to. One source is a keyword platform called Jaaxy.This platform will allow you to capture this information more correctly by using the QSR link. This way you get your competition results instantly. Also Jaaxy offers you a free trial  of 30 FREE searches to see if it is a fit for you.

Another one is the keyword tool in the Wealthy Affiliate platformby using the view results feature in the key word tool. You will be able to get the true QSR, which is you competition by going to the last page feature. You can also get this for free for as long as you like.

Knowing the QSR of your keyword or keyword phrase is so important to your keyword research, because it will give you an accurate picture of how many competing pages you have in Google.

I recommend staying with in 100 to 300, or even lower in QSR. The closer you get to zero will determine how much easier it will be for you to rank high in Google

You see the reason for using this method is to get ranking. Often times with a new website it is difficult to get ranked with high competition keywords. That is why I recommend that you stick with focusing on the low competition keywords (AKA Low Hanging Fruit). As a matter of fact there is no reason why you can’t use this method all the time.

Actually, I use this very same thing over and over again, and it has always resulted in almost unlimited traffic over time. I can’t emphasize enough how important keywords are for your ranking in Google.

So why do I suggest using low competition keywords?

High monthly search results, with high competition, equals poor Search Engine Optimization, AKA (SEO)

Good or average monthly search results, with low competition, equals successful Search Engine Optimization, AKA (SEO)

Now Lets Talk About, What Really Is A KeywordUnlocking Key Words

It is very important that you realize that is not that easy to target just any low competition keyword. Because that is not the case. You see the internet has grown very competitive over the years. Although, even with it’s growth there are still many good, even very good keywords out there that you can target.

What I want you to remember is that keyword is the word used for a specific item that is highly being searched for. You need to remember that it doesn’t have to be just one word, it can be two words, or even a phrase like, “How can I loose weight and still eat pizza” or, “The Meaning Of Low Hanging Fruit” or as long as, “The Meaning Of Low Hanging Fruit AKA Low Conversion Keywords”.

To see how this all works, when you have some free time practice by using one of the search engines like Google, or Bing with your own keywords or phrases. I think you will be surprised with your results.

A Few Reminders Why Keywords Are Very Important!

  1. You can not make it online without keywords: Every Internet Marketer needs to know that keywords are the key to their success. You need to remember that each of your post, or articles needs to be researched thoroughly before you decide to publish it if you want it to make it to the top of the page.
  2. You want to rank on the first page of Google: Just under sixty percent of all generic searches don’t even make it into the top five pages of your search engine. You must remember if you want to be successful, you must rank at the top of the page, or at least on the first page.
  3. Must have high traffic keywords: You want a searcher that is interested in what you are offering or writing about. This is a given.
  4. Reduce your competition: You do this by standing out from the crowd. You certainly want to do this if you are just starting out online. Your goal must be to earn their business, or have them as a follower.
  5. When you write, you must use great headlines: It is your keywords that are going to grab their attention.

Understanding what you need to know when looking for keywords

 So how do you find key words that have very good traffic with low competition?

First let me give you some of the words that you will see when using a keyword search engine.

  1. Monthly Searches Average: This should be your first concern in your keyword research. Now I am going to be realistic on this issue. When you are just starting out, you should not expect more than 100 a month. If you get more that’s a plus for you. The day will come when you will have 300, 400, or even 500. Just don’t expect it right off, and you will not be disappointed.
  2. QSR (Quoted Search Results): That’s the number of websites targeting your exact keyword. Just remember they are your competitors. Just remember to stay between 100 to 300 QSR. Actually the closer to zero you are the better.
  3. KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator): The Key Quality Indicator is a keyword strength indicator that gives your position with colors. Green is great, Yellow is OK, and Red is poor

These are a few terms that you will be seeing when you do your keyword search. There are more, although these three are all you need to know what they mean.

Once you get that great keyword or phrase for your topic, the next step is figuring out how you are going to write about it. OK, now you don’t just want your topic talking about your niche. It must be informative, It must have high quality content, it must answer the questions that your readers and followers have.

So how are you going to know what questions or problems they are experiencing? I find that the best way is to find out what they are talking, or have questions about. How do you do this? What I do to know what questions they have is to find forums, and social media that pertain to their niche.

There are forums for just about every niche out there. Your readers and followers want answers and if you are the one to give them those answers you are the one whose Blog they are going to be going to for those answers. So dig in and explore, you will be glad that you did.

  Lets Take It A Step Further And Make Your Keywords More Exciting

A Step FurtherNow that you have your keyword we need to make it more interesting.

How do we do that you may ask?

Lets talk about that a little. Here are some examples of what I am talking about.

  • The Meaning Of Low Hanging Fruit
  • The Meaning Of Low Hanging Fruit/AKA Low Conversion Keywords

I say the second one is more grabbing. What do you think? Here are two more.

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing/Does It Work

Once again I say the second one is more grabbing. Let me give you two more, OK?

  • Why I Recommend Aweber
  • Why I Recommend Aweber/To Make More Money Online

And again I say the second one is much better.

The secrete to making your keyword more exciting is to ad a word or words before or after your keyword. Just remember when adding a word or words to your keyword that you keep your keyword in tack. For instance you can not use “The Meaning Of Low Hanging Fruit and Keywords” because your breaking your keyword sentence of “The Meaning Of Low Hanging Fruit” by adding the word Keywords.

Just remember to get people to click on your website you must make it very interesting with high quality content, as well as being appealing to the eye.

Your Post Must Be Easy To Read And Be Enjoyable

Easy To ReadSo, how do you do this? Well I do it by starting out with a good quality heading and then breaking it down as I go along with sub headings for each area that I am going to be going over.

Then I use brief paragraphs and include some images, also don’t be afraid to use a little color because if you don’t do this your reader will become bored and leave your site. Take a few minutes and really look over this post. If you do you will see exactly what I mean.

Almost all online shoppers start out by using a search engine. And your big money starts flowing in when your site reaches the top page and you start getting clicks continuously.


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I want to thank you for taking the time out of you busy schedule to read this post. And I hope that I have helped you. If you feel that it  may help someone you know, please feel free to pass it on to them.


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