What Is Content Marketing / And Why Should You Do It?

ContentTo address the question of What Is Content Marketing/And Why Should You Do It? We first must ask ourselves this question. Is content marketing just about writing numerous articles and posting them on your blog? Absolutely NOT!

We must realize that there are far more individuals online then there have ever been, so if you want to get your message into their hands, you will need excellent contact management. So that brings us to this question. What is content marketing exactly?

I feel that it is best defined as a strategic approach to marketing based on delivering high quality content that has value, and is relevant to the needs of your prospective audience, and is delivered on a consistent basis. Your content marketing strategy must be geared to persuading your visitors to become your customers.

It is time to put aside the old way of advertising by using pay per click (PPC) ads because they are losing their effectiveness. Yes, they still work, but not like they have in the past. The same goes for the use of banners as well.

With high quality content marketing You’ll be providing true value that will allow you to connect with your potential customers, and help them to solve the problems that their experiencing. You see it is all about helping, not selling that is what will make you a successful marketer!

Most major brands are using high quality content marketing now more than ever. Especially your big gun companies like Apple, Microsoft, Pharmaceuticals, and so many others. So you must ask yourself, if it is working so well for them, why won’t it work just as well for you? The major brands are doing it because it works best. That’s the bottom line!

What Are The Benefits Of Content Marketing? Benefits

Here are the main three:

  • It increases sales, and profits
  • It’s a cost effective method of marketing
  • It causes your customers to be more loyal to your brand

High Quality Content Is A Must For Success

 You can only achieve the above benefits if your content is of high quality. You must not just put anything out there. Because if your content is of poor quality it will reflect poorly on your brand, and rather than gain customers you will lose them

It is of the utmost that your marketing course of action must include high quality content marketing. In planning your marketing approach, it is a must that you consider both your outbound as well as your inbound marketing.

For your inbound marketing, your website must have really high quality content in it that your targeted market finds useful.

This is a must, because Google and the other major search engines have changed their algorithms, and now reward your high quality content with a higher ranking then in the past.

You need to be sure that every piece of content that you write on your blog or website is of the best high quality content, and is well optimized.

Tip: don’t forget to add links to other publications that explain things in more detail for additional learning. It is even better if you refer to some of your links on articles you have posted. Google likes to see that you trust what you have posted.

For your outbound marketing you need to use your high quality content marketing strategy also to drive your blogging, and other social media marketing. Do not just dive into social media and blogging with everything and anything. You need a well thought out and effective high quality content marketing plan.

You should be assisting, and helping people by addressing issues that they need help with, or have an interest in all that you write about and post to your sites… Remember it is about them, not you that is going to make you successful

If you do decide that you want to use Paid Per Click (PPC) advertising, you will have to make sure that the content behind the click is of the utmost quality. That is what the search engines insist on, and it does make a lot of sense

What Are The Different Types of Content Types of ContentMarketing?

It is definitely a good practice to have a mixture of different types of content formats in your marketing strategy to be really successful.

Here is a list of seven of the most popular:

  • Blog Post: It is very important that you set up a definite schedule of writing high quality articles, and posting them on your blog and other social media. You need to use your blog, and social media to promote your products and services. You should also link to other content on your blog, and other social media.
  • E-books: When ever possible use E-books as lead magnets to induce people to subscribe to your email list. Don’t give too much away, but what you do give away should be of high quality and value.
  • Case Studies: It is good if you can show where someone has used your product, or service, and have achieved real results, backed up with numbers in a case study. You then have a very powerful piece of high quality content to share.
  • Infographics: Almost all people enjoy and like to look at infographics. I know that I do! So why not create some that are relevant to your niche or industry. It is a great way to visually present your story.
  • Videos: If you have a YouTube channel set up, videos are a great tool. And they stay around for a long period of time promoting your high quality content.
  • Workbooks and Templates: Use this method to produce useful resources by creating easy printable workbooks. And when using templates provide instructions, and make them clear and easy to follow.
  • Cheat Sheets: This is where you can provide a short document, usually in a PDF format. In it you will provide the cheats to achieve a specific task.

Tip: Don’t forget to add links to other publications that explain things in more detail for additional learning.

I thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this post, and that it has helped you in understanding the importance of Content Marketing.

If you felt that it had value, I ask that you share it with others that you feel will benefit from it. I am sure they would appreciate it very much.

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